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About Us

We are Westminster's leading political advertising network and agency.

MessageSpace is a political advertising and media company. We operate a digital advertising network encompassing the most influential politics & current affairs websites in the UK alongside a full-service media agency for political and policy advertisers.

We provide specialist political media services and consultancy to our clients. We help them to design and execute multimedia advertising campaigns that reach political insiders and influence the national conversation ahead of mainstream and social media, delivering meaningful changes in attitude and action. 

Our mission is to provide market-leading media planning & buying technologies and consultancy usually reserved for mass market consumer campaigns to specialist political and policy advertisers.

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Our clients.

MessageSpace drove the best click-through rate of all the suppliers used for Google's advertising during the general election.
Essence Global, for Google
MessageSpace are brilliant at devising plans for ads and advertorials on political websites and blogs and have great reach among political circles.
Edelman UK
MessageSpace helped us to reach Conservative decision makers ahead of our successful bid to become one of just eight new freeports across the UK.
Thames Freeport
Partnering with MessageSpace sites helps us to get our clients' message front-and-center in Westminster.
iNHouse Communications
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The MessageSpace Offer

We are a full service political advertising & media agency.

Targeted Political Advertising.

We exclusively operate the UK’s biggest political advertising network, comprising the most influential blog and website titles among MPs and political opinion-formers. We help clients achieve cut-through to shape the views of key players in Westminster and beyond.

National News & OOH Media

We are an end-to-end media buying agency. We plan, buy and execute campaigns across key news, political and policy media for our clients. From the UK’s biggest newspapers to key landmarks around Westminster, we get your message where it needs to be seen.

Brand Partnerships.

We drive brand value for clients through long-term partnerships with leading political news brands and content creators. We help drive positive brand relationships with the political audiences through multimedia content and events partnerships with trusted media brands.

Creative, Production & Consultancy.

Over 16 years of experience means our planning, design & production teams are always on hand for our clients to make the smartest decisions in the turbulent market of political advertising and communications.


Our advertising technology allows websites to monetize their politics, news and current affairs content. Our publishers have diverse views, but have a common audience of leading decision makers in politics, business and the media.

Our Services

Corporate Event Management

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Full-Service Production
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Event Management
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Food and Beverages
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Live Entertainment
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Destination Management
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Company Picnic
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