Political engagement: make use of MPs’ favourite websites

In recent years spending on native advertising formats grew to 41% of UK marketing spend. Native ads take the form of sponsored content, and are presented in the style of the publication; benefiting and drawing authority from its influence and status. From non-profits to FTSE 100 firms, there has been a growing trend in the use of paid communication tools such as sponsored posts to engage with targeted specific, hyper-engaged audiences.

“Ads shown on premium news sites are 44% more likely to be trusted than ads on social media platforms.”

At MessageSpace, the political advertising network representing MPs’ favourite political websites, we help our clients access sponsored content opportunities on premium news and politics websites like ConservativeHome, LabourList, Guido Fawkes and Spectator Coffee House. That means your message fits directly into the editorial content of insider blogs, and benefits from their social media reach engaging hundreds of thousands of followers. We amplify our clients’ messaging to MPs, influencers and decision-makers in Westminster and beyond.

Jonathan Roberts, Former Communications Director at UK Chamber of Shipping, said about the service:

“Our website had three times the usual amount of traffic down to MessageSpace’s efforts. It was a hugely successful week, and thanks for providing such support for our comms plan.”

Your message is important, and ensuring it’s read by Whitehall and the politically minded public is at the forefront of our offering.

Sponsored content is already used to great effect across our network by the likes of Entain Group, Greenpeace, Heathrow, Drax, and the Railway Industry Association to name a few.

And according to a recent report from Polar Media Group and Celtra, native ads perform better than traditional display – meaning audiences are engaging with the content like never before.

Now is a great time to try out native content on our sites as a part of your overall communications plan.