MessageSpace: Political Advertising

In the modern political and public affairs landscape, digital advertising must form a key cornerstone of campaigns in order to engage key players at every opportunity and across multiple touchpoints; positioning clients to ensure their messages are communicated effectively to influence government decision-making.

MessageSpace are experts in digital advertising in the political space across all paid media formats. We provide a reliable and effective service in digital advertising to ensure 360 degree coverage amongst key audiences for our clients, driving engagement, results and optimising ROI.

Political Influencer / Blog Advertising

Political campaigns need highly targeted media placements. Social media advertising is often unsuitable for use in this context, due to high-levels of wastage and its indiscreet nature. MessageSpace focuses on targeted and direct media buys, handled by our central team to ensure effective placements and drive value at all stages of the campaign lifecycle.

MessageSpace offers exclusive access to the most comprehensive political audience online in the UK market. We are the exclusive advertising agency to a network of key political influencer websites including Conservative Home, Guido Fawkes, Labour List, The Spectator, UnHerd and CapX. These sites constitute the ‘influencers’ of the digital political world, informing those making decisions in central government and the media ahead of the news cycle.

Data source: Bombora for Quantcast

MessageSpace sites attract over 8 million page views per month, from over 1 million unique users. 4x more than all of our major competitors combined. Our readers are now over 2x as likely to hold positions within the political sphere, and to be in positions to influence their peers, than the average internet user. Contextually targeted advertising on these platforms offers a guarantee of visibility to key stakeholders that cannot be matched by social media or programmatic advertising, and therefore represents the best ROI for campaigns seeking this specialist audience segment.


MessageSpace offers a comprehensive advertising service from ideation and strategy, to development, activation, delivery and reporting. With one point of contact, our clients can reach all of Westminster’s most influential channels. Our proprietary technology allows us to target multiple publications from a central portal, driving efficiencies both in cost and resources. Our clients value our expertise and competency, benefitting from over 16 years of experience across our team.